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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the most incredibly designed type of flooring in the industry. It’s designed for comfort, performance, durability, beauty, and ease of use for both installation and maintenance. Luxury Vinyl Flooring comes in all styles and designs, so that you can decide which best fits your lifestyle and needs.

Luxury Vinyl Tile:

Luxury Vinyl Tile is the perfect answer to your tile needs, it’s simple and easy to install, it looks beautiful all year round, it’s easy to clean, and it was built to last! LVT has a locked-finish in it’s product make up that allows it to block out all forms of liquid, which makes this product a premier choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Now you can enjoy the look and feel of ceramic tile, either grouted or seamed together, all year long with out that winter chill on your feet.

Luxury Vinyl Slate & Stone:

Never before has a product resembled slate and stone like this product does. With all of the benefits of easy installation, ease of maintenance, and durability for a lifetime this product was created for an incredible finish. This product features the natural beauty of slate and stone like never before. Now you can have the luxurious look of both slate and stone in your house at an affordable rate and it can be installed in less than 24 hours by our certified installation crews.

Luxury Vinyl Plank:

This product is specially designed to accurately represent real hardwood floors, their color, grain, and texture all with the added durability of LVP. Luxury Vinyl Plank comes in varying lengths and widths so you can still enjoy the authentic wood plank floors that you’ve always dreamed of having. These floors are beautiful, durable, and made to last. Installation is easy, quick and clean; you can have your LVP flooring installed anywhere in your home, today!